For the world’s rich and famous, nothing is out of reach. But bad sleep doesn’t discriminate and is probably an issue that those at the top of their game struggle with more due to high-pressure lifestyles and schedules. Cue the ultimate luxury — a good night’s rest. Which it turns out, money can actually buy.

As one of the country’s most prestigious and private retreats, Cape Town’s Ellerman House is a leader in luxury hospitality. An unparalleled setting, world-class service, and a famous art collection make it the choice of top-tier clientele.

It’s fitting that it has taken heed of the huge global swing towards wellbeing by incorporating a new, holistic-minded offering into its portfolio, in the form of rebooted wellness packages that hone in on sleep.

The hotel’s new dedicated Sleep Rooms were created in collaboration with elite wellness consultant and trainer Harry Jameson. A first in Africa, they’re designed to maximise guests’ sleep quality and herald a new concept in the luxury hospitality space.

“Sleep is often the forgotten pillar of wellness,” said Jameson. “Hotel rooms are regularly an assault on the senses, throwing technology, treats, and overstimulation at you the minute you step inside.” The new Sleep Rooms aim to combat this with a combination of precise environmental conditions and behavioural practices.

While the rooms are newly rejigged for the retreats, the hotel has taken a more comprehensive approach, which means you get prepped well before your head hits the pillow.

Jameson believes that wellness is a holistic practice that spans the tangible (nutritional and physical) and the more theoretical (occupational, financial, spiritual, emotional, even philanthropic). The hotel has tried to create an optimum environment and set of circumstances for health on a variety of levels.

As a result, all elements in the programme — from exercise (hikes, ocean kayaking, yoga) to nutrition — have been geared to pave the way for a good sleep.

The meals are delicious (thankfully, they don’t believe deprivation or blandness are the path to peace) and the menu by executive chef Rudolph Blaauw incorporates ingredients that boost gut health and antioxidants.

Spa treatments, a no-brainer in terms of the relaxation process, take place in the late afternoon and have that Ellerman House luxury touch.