Simaero MD82 Full Flight Simulator

Simaero MD82 Full Flight Simulator Now EASA Certified, Only One in Europe
Simaero MD82 Full Flight Simulator Now EASA Certified, Only One in Europe

Simaero announced that DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile – French Civil Aviation Authority) and European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) certifications have been obtained for its MD82 Full Flight Simulator, the only such device in Europe. Based at Simaero training center in Dinard, France, the simulator will be used to deliver advanced pilot training course for worldwide customers.

The simulator has been permanently upgraded to reach the actual standard with such options as TCAS 7.1 & EFIS. A new visual system RSI Raster XT3 has been installed which allows to use up to date airport visual scenes. Simulator capabilities include Recurrent Training, Low Visibility training CAT3 & Autoland and Wind share. The authority declared that the simulation & performance has been found very accurate to the aircraft type.

The event marks a major milestone in SIMAERO’s strategy to keep niche simulators in operation in order to satisfy the needs of clients with which Simaero maintains long-lasting cooperation.

Simaero’s head of training Patrice Galinier is in process to organize the qualification renewal of type rating instructors for MD80/82 aircraft type. “Our EASA and non-EASA customers still have important needs for pilot MD80/MD82 type rating training. As always, we at SIMAERO are committed to provide them with solutions,” he explained.

This major result is achieved as SIMAERO celebrates its 19th anniversary of operations in Dinard, France. Besides the MD82 Full Flight Simulator, the center is operating a Fokker 100 Full Flight Simulator. The dedicated maintenance and customer service team provide clients all the require support for their training organization, from visa invitations, transport, transfers to hotel accommodations. Moreover, pilots can enjoy the pearl of the Emerald Coast – the city of Dinard – which is is an elegant seaside resort that has successfully preserved its authentic architecture with its numerous listed villas dating from the end of the 19th century. Sign up for Aviation Pros eNewslettersRelatedSimulator Training