RTX to install airport solutions at Guam International Airport

Selection will help the airport streamline passenger processing and comply with U.S. Customs & Border Protection requirements
xSelection will help the airport streamline passenger processing and comply with U.S. Customs & Border Protection requirements

Collins Aerospace, an RTX (NYSE: RTX) business, was selected to provide ARINC airport solutions at Guam International Airport (GUM) to help streamline passenger processing and reduce airport congestion.

“The scalability of our airport solutions and the ability for us to create a connected information ecosystem at GUM will help the airport to automate operations, especially reducing processing time at Customs & Border Protection checks, and accommodate any surge demands during seasonal peaks,” said Rakan Khaled, Collins Aerospace’s general manager of Airport Systems. “The suite of solutions we’re deploying at GUM will provide travelers with a smooth and pleasant pre-flight experience through the airport.”

The solutions, which were a joint effort between Guam’s Airline Operating Committee and Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport Authority include:

Collins Aerospace ARINC BagLinkTM – A messaging system that enables baggage to be sorted and routed remotely to save time and minimize errors.

ARINC cMUSE™ – A common-use passenger processing system that provides check-in services as well as accurate and timely passenger counts at gates.

SelfPassTM – An identity management system that allows travelers to move seamlessly through the airport using a facial scan. A secure link is established between passport, boarding pass and biometric identity that enables faster, self-service processing at each stage of the journey.

“The exceptional products and outstanding customer service provided by Collins Aerospace are helping us provide our passengers with a seamless travel experience through the airport,” said Guam’s Airline Operating Committee Chairman, Justin Marion of United Airlines. “These innovative technologies give us the tools we need to provide the best experience possible for travelers flying through our airport.”

“As a US Port of Entry in Asia with 91% of our arrivals comprised of international travelers, these solutions certainly strengthen identity verification throughout passenger processing,” stated Dr. Artemio “Ricky” Hernandez, IAP – Deputy Executive Manager of the Guam Airport. “This makes Guam the first US Airport in the region to implement technology to assist in conforming to US CBP requirements.”