MGL Avionics A16 modular Aircraft intercom system

The A16 provides a compact solution for an advanced intercom system specifically designed for aircraft use.

Support for 6 independent headsets, dual circuit stereo with a rich selection of wired audio source inputs including a stereo music source. Music streaming from Bluetooth enabled sources is also provided as well as hand-free profile for mobile phone use. Simultaneous support for two Bluetooth audio devices is possible.

Support for two COM radios with PTT multiplexor.

Includes a cockpit voice recorder (CVR). Records last 35 minutes of combined active audio from 6 headset microphones and the two COM radios.

The A16 is intended to be controlled either via an EFIS system (iEFIS G3 or MX1) and/or via a Razor 3.18” touch screen control head. It is possible to connect multiple heads and have simultaneous control via EFIS and head(s).

The A16 is available in a version without Marker beacon receiver and a version with Marker beacon receiver. The later is expected to be available in 2020.

Firmware updates on both A16 and Razor can be performed either via wired RS232 port or via Bluetooth wirelessly.

Communications protocols are available for third party use.

Link to the A16 user and installation manual (Includes Razor)

A16 protocol document for RS232 and CAN bus interfacing

For firmware updates please view this page

Optional Razor control head

The Razor control can be used to control all aspects of the A16 including all configuration, setup and signal monitoring.

The Razor connects to the A16 via a two wire CAN bus. More than one Razor may be fitted to this bus to make it possible to control the A16 from more than one position.

Modular audio intercom systems can significantly ease aircraft wiring systems as is becomes possible to optimize audio wiring routes behind the panel. There is no longer a restriction that all audio wiring must be concentrated at the location of a panel mount intercom system.

The A16 provides noise canceling inputs and ships with very effective RF block devices to prevent common issues such as RF feedback during transmission caused by ground loops or other issues.

RF and DC block device (The A16 kit contains two, available separately as well).

This small device is a highly effective component that can be installed into Audio wiring inline. Two installation methods may be used – DC isolated which breaks troublesome ground loops as well as DC conduction which can be used with headset microphone feeds.

This device eliminates RF feedback problems in compromised installations with high powered transmitters which can cause effects such as howling, squealing or distortion during transmit.