The Dive into Remote ID for Drones: What It Is, What it Means

We’ve gotten a lot of questions and comments about Remote ID for Drones – and with good reason.  This regulation is important: it has the potential to impact all drone operations in the country.  It’s also technical, and challenging to understand.

This guest post is a longer read – a dive into the topic that provides definitions of the terms and an overview of the work that has gone into the development of the NPRM.  It addresses points like cyber security, law enforcement needs, and the development of global standards.  The post is written by Amit Ganjoo, Founder and CEO of ANRA Technologies, a service provider deeply involved in developing and testing UTM technologies for the last several years.  The post provides Amit’s perspective and opinions on the technology and the NPRM – Amit calls the NPRM is good starting point – but is not designed to come to an absolute conclusion about Remote ID.  Rather, the purpose of this post is to provide the reader with more information and background about the FAA’s Remote ID NPRM.   With opinions and points taken from other drone publications and organizations, we hope that this post helps add to the collective drone industry understanding of Remote ID for drones as part of the effort to integrate drones safely into the airspace.