TBM 960 version makes its U.S. air show debut

Daher’s latest TBM 960 version makes its U.S. air show debut at the 2024 SUN ’n FUN Aerospace Expo
Daher’s latest TBM 960 version makes its U.S. air show debut at the 2024 SUN ’n FUN Aerospace Expo

Daher’s Aircraft Division is marking the company’s presence at the 50th SUN ’n FUN Aerospace Expo with its Model Year 2024 version of the TBM 960 fast and efficient turboprop-powered aircraft, which incorporates new updates for enhanced pilot awareness and lower workload – while also sporting an updated paint scheme.

Distinctively configured with the latest interpretation of Daher’s Sirocco livery (with silver, matt blue and black highlights), the TBM 960’s digital TBM e-COPILOT® functionality has been further evolved to include features that range from facilitated pre-flight preparation to enhanced peace-of-mind protection with the HomeSafe™ emergency autoland system.

“The digitally controlled TBM 960 is the fastest-selling version of all the members in our TBM aircraft family, and it continues as a market reference in terms of safety and efficiency,” explained Nicolas Chabbert, the Senior Vice President of Daher’s Aircraft Division, during a press conference on the SUN ’n FUN air show’s opening day. “This is underscored by our backlog that exceeds two years of production, with some 120 TBM 960s delivered to date.”

Among the enhancements in the TBM 960’s Model Year 2024 version is a pilot inactivity detection function for the HomeSafe™ emergency autoland system, which automatically activates after 30 minutes if there is no pilot interaction with the aircraft’s systems. As a highly appreciated “peace of mind” feature on the TBM 960, HomeSafe™ brings the aeroplane to a runway touchdown if the pilot becomes incapacitated.

Another new functionality for the TBM 960 is the graphical weight and balance presentation on the cockpit’s multifunction display. Additionally, the aircraft’s taxi phase is improved with 3D SafeTaxi – which provides a three-dimensional depiction of the airport environment to assist the pilot in ground manoeuvres and airport identification, along with a runway occupancy awareness function.  

Alert messages aimed at increasing the pilot’s awareness include the “Yaw Damper” engagement and “Check Gear” notification, as well as “Propeller Abort” if the propeller is not in the correct configuration. Also, stabilized approach monitoring is strengthened by visual effects on the primary flight display.

On the TBM 960’s exterior is a highly visible new feature: the LED nose gear landing light. This high-intensity LED light, with a maximum of 136,295 candela (candlepower), is 2.5 times brighter than previous-generation taxi lights and is particularly useful when taxiing on a dark airfield.

The Model Year 2024 TBM 960 is featured on Daher’s SUN ’n FUN exhibit stand (#MD-022B), along with the company’s Kodiak 100 “go-anywhere” multi-role turboprop-powered aeroplane.

At this year’s SUN ’n FUN Aerospace Expo, the Daher Group parent company is a major supporter – sponsoring the “Future ’n Flight by Daher” Plaza, where it also will be participating in the air show’s Career Fair tent to highlight exciting employment opportunities for Daher’s aircraft manufacturing, logistics and industrial services in Florida and across North America.