Pegasus Universal Aerospace

New aircraft developed at SA will revolutionize global travel
New aircraft developed at SA will revolutionize global travel

Pegasus is a South African VTOL aircraft company Founded by reknown Dr Reza Mia, Aesthetician
taking to the skies.

One may ask what inspired Dr Reza to embark on this project?

He advises he once made a herbal energy drink with a friend of his, as well as to market the skin care
creams of Dr Robert Rey and noticed that they would need to sell a hundred cans of the drink to
make the same returns as one box of cream. He looked at the trend line that ended in property,
ships and airplanes. He was looking for a business to invest his energy into that would yield large and
reliable returns. He decided that shipping was relatively boring and that property was too closely
tied to location and so decided that for a new airplane company to be successful as a business, it
would need to have a product that was irresistible. VTOL came about after a brainstorming session
and he also committed himself to ensuring that the airplane stuck to a few hard rules, namely that it
had to be safe, sexy, luxurious, environmentally friendly and highly capable.

There are numerous benefits and aspects of the plane that set it apart from existing and proposed
aircraft. The most obvious benefit is that when compared to business jets, we have VTOL
capabilities. Compared to helicopters we can fly at almost four times the speed and range and we
can carry a loo on board along with the general safety advantages which include being able to glide if
necessary. When compared to tilt rotor planes, the Vertical Business Jet is going to be able to fly at
least twice as fast and far, and will have a smaller footprint that will enable it to land on helipads and
at built up areas that will be vital to air rescue / air ambulance operations.

Compared to evtol solutions, the VBJ will be capable of fulfilling those short hops, but is also capable of flying long distances and high speeds that no Evtol is capable of achieving. The VBJ will carry more passengers and will comply with existing FAA regulations which will allow us to certify the airplane.

EVTOLS require fixed co-ordinates and cannot land on yachts and ships, the VBJ will be able to and the cool air fans that you have mentioned will allow for safe operations on wooden decks, grass and for
landing in areas close to people, this is something that military vtol jets cannot do Pegasus has primarily been self-funded for now but we have had some investment into our public unlisted company over the past three years. These have been primarily South African investors but have included investors from the UK and other international countries.

We have been awarded a 150% tax rebate from the South African government and are currently
engaged in an application for funding as we speak.

We are planning to hold another public share sale round to coincide with the release of “The Lost
City” movie which features our Vertical Business Jet, Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel
Radcliffe and Brad Pitt. Pegasus aims to feature its plane at one of three large shopping centres in
the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg during March this year when the movie launches at local
cinemas. This is a huge milestone for South Africa and a beacon of encouragement for innovation to
its people.