Comair returns to SAAT

First Comair Boeing 737-800 flight to Saint Helena Airport - Paul Tyson
First Comair Boeing 737-800 flight to Saint Helena Airport - Paul Tyson

Comair has apparently moved the maintenance of some of their aircraft from Lufthansa Technik

Maintenance International to South African Airways Technical. Previously both service providers were being used but the situation now seems to be that all maintenance work on all aircraft will be done by SAAT.

This comes after the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) suspended Comair’s flights indefinitely after a series of incidents. After the airline’s Air Operator Certificate was restored five days later, another incident occurred on 19 March, in which a Comair aircraft’s landing gear malfunctioned.

What has now emerged is that after LTMI passed a routine audit by the CAA in February, a second, unscheduled review by the CAA produced a number of findings that had to be addressed by the evening of 21 March, or LTMI’s Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) licence would be suspended, according to a Comair statement. Comair said it was acting pre-emptively.

“Our priority at the moment is to restore a full, reliable flight schedule for our customers to ensure they can book and fly with confidence, which is why, in these extraordinary circumstances, we acted as soon as we were informed that the suspension was a possibility,” said Comair CEO, Glenn Orsmond.

Comair went on record saying that Lufthansa and its technical maintenance facility ranked globally as “one of the world’s most respected airlines and maintenance organisations”. But the airline company also said it respected and fully supported the SACAA in fulfilling its mandate, which was to ensure that flight safety standards prevailed in South Africa.